The layout of the site is crucial to making sure your site is found successfully. Making sure it’s user-friendly, titles are in the right place, and say the right thing makes a huge impact.

  • Best Layout for SEO

    Increase your chance of making a sale

    Short, to the point, concise information that answers the most common questions you get asked about your product or service.

  • Best Layout for SEO

    Page Titles and Content

    Most websites are designed with appearance in mind; when you format headings, they’re typically chosen on appearance.
    Whilst that’s great, it also brings with it Heading Tag issues.

  • Best Layout for SEO

    Best Layout for SEO

    There are so many things that you can do to your website that can help with your SEO. Did you know that layout is actually a super important factor in Search Engines rankings?

  • Best Layout for SEO

    Increase Content and Ranking

    By creating content throughout your site, you’ll have more content for Search Engines to scan and therefore; more content to get found!

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