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Answer the Question


Bonus Tip: Think how you would search for something in Google

Answer the Question

When you're writing content for your blog, article, content or... well, anything! Ask yourself this:

Is it answering a question people are searching for?

Let's use an example: I've got a Coffee Shop in Bristol that specialises in Gluten Free cakes.

You've filled your website with amazing content, loads of talk about your cakes, your settings, the beautiful view of Bristol Harbourside and all the speciality coffee that you offer.

However, have you actually said that you specialise in Gluten Free cakes? It's a pretty common mistake believe it or not.

Content on your website needs to answer the simple questions that people search for.

If I Google "Gluten Free Cafe in Bristol" do you think you'd get found? You need to obviously spell out in your URL, Titles, content, Image names, image geo tags that you're in Bristol, your a cafe and serve Gluten Free goodies.