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Blogging and Backlinks

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Bonus Tip: Share your blog on sites in your business area

Blogging and Backlinks

Part of any SEO Strategy needs to include methods of building backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are basically links from other websites to your own website. The more of these you have, the more your SEO Organic Growth benefits you.

Let’s break it down into steps to show how this works. If you’ve got a blog, you’re way more likely to get backlinks because people can share your blogs and articles on social media and other sites that may be of interest to their network.

You’ve written a blog article about an amazing coffee shop in Bristol; you’ve included an image, a video, a map, and written some really cool content. In this article, you’ve also included a link to their website, their social media accounts, and shared it on your own social media.

I can count 8 ways in which this post has been SEO Optimised, how many can you count?

Well, it doesn’t end there. What if you shared that on a local news website, or your friend re-shares it on their social media and it gets picked up?

The coffee shop is likely going to share the article too in their own news feeds, social feeds… each time this happens, backlinks get created… massively increasing your Off-Page SEO presence.

People are more likely to link to this article you’ve written because it’s relevant.

Whatever your plan, Blogs or News Articles on your site are crucial in your SEO Campaign, Content Marketing for SEO is often overlooked in the added benefits that come with it, some of them are unseen and not obvious but they add up and build a picture that search engines use to recommend your site to people searching for things, which is the biggest part of Organic SEO Growth.