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How to get more Blog views

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Bonus Tip: Optimise image names and size for extra kudos

How to get more Blog views

It’s a pretty simple concept; the best way to get people to read your article is to add pictures.

For the majority of people, looking at an entire page of just text is an instant eye roll and on to the next. Having blogs that are sharp and to the point is vital.

Including images in your blog is also a nice and effective way to break up the text filling the screen. They don’t have to be stock images, you could use infographics or screenshots; something that helps get the message across of what you’re talking about.

It’s really impressive how having these images on your blog can make a big difference, they’ll typically get 94% more views. It’s a CRAZY stat.

By optimising your images (as covered in other areas of this site) you’re even more likely to attract readers!