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Increase traffic 2000%

Content Marketing

Bonus Tip: Have a plan and be consistent

Increase traffic 2000%

Ah, Content Marketing and Organic SEO Growth. How I used to dislike you.

Actually, it’s pretty easy I’ve discovered when you apply the right method. You’ll even see this trick in play in my own business.

Let’s say you’ve got a piece of content, let’s say this piece of content for example, on SEO Growth and Content Marketing.

It’s a blog article.
It also exists as a resource in my SEO Hub.
I published it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
I sent a newsletter out about it to all my subscribers.

You may even be reading this because of one of those methods.

That’s how you turn one piece of content into at least 7 articles to market, it’s crazy how you can explode your content marketing strategy this way.

Have you done a Podcast? A video for Instagram Stories? Take snippets and those voice-overs and break them down, share them, use them in different areas.

Content marketing is a hugely successful method for getting people to visit your site to read the full article or explore further, which builds engagement, which builds organic SEO growth. It’s like a snowball going down a hill...