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Re-purpose old content

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Bonus Tip: Put a twist on an old recipe and reference your old post for easy content creation

Re-purpose old content

Sometimes, time isn’t on your side, and creating content can seem like a chore; however, there’s a simple trick you can use to keep up with creating valuable content.

Re-purposing old content on your site can benefit your website’s SEO Performance. It’s as simple as re-sharing an old post with a twist.

An example would be a blog post you did last year for a new cake recipe. It’s great, it’s getting views galore, but now it’s Christmas… (can you see where I’m going with this?). By creating a new blog post but changing a small element of it to include new up to date content (such as a Christmas Spiced topping) may increase your organic SEO for Christmas Recipes and your original blog for the cake recipe.

By linking the new post to the old, and adding a line to your old post to check out the new recipe for a Christmas twist is a genius idea for repurposing old content while keeping it fresh.