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Increase your chance of making a sale


Bonus Tip: Ensure your mobile site easily and obviously explains itself

Increase your chance of making a sale

This topic is often overlooked when creating your own website, often it’s one of the most crucial when it comes to sales and convincing people to buy your product or service.

Let’s take a look at a scenario that you’re probably used to: You’re at home on the sofa, searching the internet for information about the product you’re thinking of buying. You’re likely doing this on a phone or tablet.

How often have you looked through a product or service page looking for certain information about it that would make your mind up that it’s the right thing to buy? I’d guess… quite often.

That’s what needs to be applied to every sales page of your website. Short, to the point, concise information that answers the most common questions you get asked about your product or service.

By readily answering questions that your audience has, you’re already 75% the way through your sale! For those people who do end up contacting you - they’re likely to want some real specific information that isn’t one your average audience has.

The added bonus of adding all the information to your site is that you limit the amount of time you need to spend answering questions!