On and Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Bonus Tip: Make sure your site is technically optimised before starting off-page SEO

On and Off-Page SEO

Most websites are designed with appearance in mind; when you format headings, images and layouts they’re typically chosen on appearance.

Whilst headings and layouts are important, organic SEO growth mostly comes from your Off-Page SEO Strategy.

There are numerous articles dotted around the REousrce Hub and Blogs on Titles, Layouts, Image Optimisation, and so on but you also really need to pay attention to your Off-Page SEO Strategy.

This is where SEO Campaigns come into their own; work out what you want to get found for and why you want to get seen; then, work out a content marketing strategy that supports the keywords, phrases, services, and products you offer.

Reach out to others in your industry, develop a link building strategy, and work on getting your site found and seen. Share it on Social Media like there’s no tomorrow, work with a link building agency (we’re one!) to help get your site seen.

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