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I'm Chris, an SEO Demystifier for the Every-person, Solo-preneurs and Small Businesses

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I am SO not an SEO Agency for Small Businesses in Devon

I'm Chris, not an SEO Agency for small businesses dotted around Devon. I'm based in Paintworks in Bristol, but with the help of Zoom, I offer SEO services for Small Businesses, Solo-preneurs and the Every-person all over the country, and sometimes beyond. I'm here to provide the value of an SEO Agency without the need for a big budget.

SEO Services for small businesses in Devon






My SEO services are for anyone. If you've got your own website, whether it's Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or any other platform - we will go through everything you need to upgrade your websites SEO ability, so it’s optimised for Google’s unique checklist. If you opt for an On & Off-Page SEO Package, backlinks to your website start to supercharge your Google Rankings!

Why do I need SEO?

SEO Services for Devon Businesses

SEO is a practice that represents the perfecting of individual web pages, metadata information, website code, and content to earn relevant web traffic. It is one of the most important SEO best practices as it helps search engines understand web content and rewards websites with better rankings.

What does all that mean? Put simply; SEO is more than just keywords, it's optimising your website for Search Engines - this means that when someone is searching for something; Google will run a checklist against your site: Does it load well, is it relevant, and so on. The more boxes you tick, the more likely it will put your result in front of someone.

I understand the challenge that comes with on and off-page SEO. Search Engines constant quest for improved user experience has made for continued algorithm changes and stricter rules.


As a result, on-page optimisation has become especially daunting. You may be tempted to overlook it, but failing to prioritise on-page optimisation may cost you web traffic.

Rather than miss out on the valuable opportunities that come with on-page optimisation, let me help you out. I've tweaked my services and offerings over the years to offer SEO packages and solutions fit for small businesses.

Site Review

To achieve optimum SEO targets on your website, I conduct an audit to know firsthand if your website complies with Google-friendly SEO techniques

On-Page SEO

Following an audit on your website, I'll work through your site to improve your technical SEO

Off-Page SEO

I'll set about creating good links back to your website from trusted quality locations, your own site Domain Authority (DA) increases, making your site more visible in Search Results. In a nutshell; if a Good website is referring to you, you can't be bad, right?

Non-Technical jargon

Everything is explained in simple language to remove the confused emoji from your thoughts


At the end of the optimisation, you’ll get access to a report that’ll support you in keeping up the good work when we part ways


When they say three is a magic number, they weren’t joking! Getting set up effectively with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business to ensure your site is indexed correctly and showcased

Clients in Devon

Here are some clients that I've helped with their SEO Strategy and get found in Google

Devon SEO Company

The Female Success Coach

Run by Laura, The Female Success Coach offers Business Coaching and Mentorship

SEO Company in Devon

Hollyhocks Florist

Based in Devon, Hollhocks Florist offer stunning floral designs

Local SEO business Devon

Benefits of an active SEO Strategy 

Having an effective SEO Strategy is one of the most effective ways you can get your website found online. By knowing your audience, where to target them and the kind of language they use all form part of your strategy. Compare it to a magnet, you pick the magnet that is best for your needs. Then, optimising your website for SEO is like prepping the magnet. You then want to start putting things near your magnet that will get attracted to it; this is basically your Off-Page SEO Strategy. By ensuring your site is set up to receive the traffic based on keywords your audience will use, the off page SEO strategy then kicks in to make sure Google keeps remembering you're talking about those keywords, so it'll put your site in front of people when they are looking for those words.

Devon SEO Strategy

Why do you want to get found?

Think of this step as getting fit. Why do you want to get fit? 

This helps build a strategy for your SEO and helps you pick keywords and get found.

Devon SEO Optimisation

Technical Optimisation

In this step, you get yourself ready for the journey.

By getting your website's technical SEO in order, you're ready to reap the rewards of off-site strategies.

Devon Off Page SEO Strategy

Off-Page Strategy

In this step, you keep up the good work.

Having an Off-Page SEO strategy you start to build the SEO performance of your site.

Having an SEO plan is key to seeing results for Organic SEO Growth. How does this all come together?

Let's forget SEO for a moment, and relate it to completing a physical challenge:

You have to have a plan, why do you want to get fit? Have a think, is it to run an obstacle course?


Where do you start? You consult a Personal Trainer who listens to you and your goals to work out a plan to get you in shape


You've had the initial Personal Training Session and been given a training plan to realise your goals.


What happens if you stop training? You'll likely lose your fitness and it'll require a little more effort to get back into shape, but you'll get back in shape quicker than if you started from day 1.

How does this apply to SEO?

You have to have a plan, why do you want to get found? Have a think, is it to sell a service?


Where do you start? You consult an SEO Demistifyer who listens to you and your goals to work out a plan to get your site found


You've had the initial SEO Optimisation Package and been given a training plan to realise your goals.


What happens if you stop the Off-Page SEO Strategy? You'll likely lose your prominent place in search results and it'll require a little more effort to get back up the rnakins, but you'll get back in shape quicker than if you started from day 1.

I am SO not an SEO Agency

I've worked with countless businesses, one-man bands, one-woman shops and consulted with countless independent businesses (as well as a few larger ones along the way) to really work out what people want to get out of SEO.

Sometimes SEO sounds daunting; I try to break it down and make it look like SEO gets eaten for breakfast (which, it odes - and it should).

How do you get the best out of SEO? As with almost all things in life, the more you spend the more you get. That's where I step in with my SEO Services. SEO Agency costs can be eye-watering; I'm here to bring the value and services of agencies to the every-person business.

SEO Services you'll see throughout my site are my standard offerings, but everything can be customised.

Working with a smaller SEO Budget and want to do things yourself? My SEO Workshop may be for you.