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Email plays an absolutely key role in today’s business. It offers businesses a cost-effective way to advertise and reach customers where they visit daily – their inbox. And despite the increased use of work-based collaboration apps and instant messaging apps, emails remain a trusted communication source.

However, as customers are bombarded with loads of emails, they become more and more selective about what they open. Thus, it is important to make a strong first impression.

If you are trying to establish an instant connection with your clients, a professional email address is a great way to start. A professional email address creates a sense of credibility and trust, especially if it is sent from a reputable website. This goes a long way to boost your brand image and attract new clients.

Professional E-mail Services with BrisTechTonic

Some of the benefits of using professional email addresses from BrisTechTonic include:

Win Customer Trust

Your business will hardly be taken seriously if it lacks identity. Anyone can set up an e-mail account with a free service, so it makes sense that you distinguish yourself. A professional e-mail from BrisTechTonic is a surefire way to gain customer trust – one of the most important foundations of a successful business.

You may also consider creating different addresses for jobs, sales, support, etc. This gives your business the feel of a big and diversified organization, even if it is made up of a small team.

Data Security

It is common knowledge that free e-mail services struggle with attacks from hackers and malware; they are also vulnerable to spamming. These free services lack the security measures required to protect your confidential operations. Professional e-mail management from BrisTechTonic gives you control over your e-mail. It comes with 30gb inbox and personal storage, productivity tools, and online and video messaging.


Backup and Privacy Protection

While it can be tempting to save some bucks by using a free e-mail service, you wouldn’t want a business e-mail that can crash, get hacked, or even shut down without prior warning.

Failing to take regular backups of your e-mails may cost you very important information, and this could be devastating for your business. In addition to this, free e-mail services do not offer full privacy protection and this may cause you to lose confidential information.


A professional e-mail solves takes care of these problems. Here, you wouldn’t have to leave the handling of your business in the hands of another party, as you can do it yourself. BrisTechTonic will install a backup for you to ensure 100 percent protection of your data. Once your data is secure, you are sure to enjoy interrupted running of your business.


Standard Professional E-Mail

Each Professional e-mail account comes with 30gb Inbox and Personal Storage, Simple Device Setup, Online and Video Messaging, Productivity Tools, Management by BrisTechTonic.


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