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SEO Optimisation packages are for anyone. If you've got your own website, whether it's Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or any other platform - we will go through everything you need to upgrade your websites SEO ability, so it’s optimised for Google’s unique checklist. If you opt for an On & Off-Page SEO Package, backlinks to your website start to supercharge your Google Rankings!

SEO is a practice that represents the perfecting of individual web pages, metadata information, website code, and content to earn relevant web traffic. It is one of the most important SEO best practices as it helps search engines understand web content and rewards websites with better rankings.

However, getting indexed and ranked by search engines is no mean feat. It requires the experience of a professional who can implement multiple ethical techniques, focusing on content relevance for a better user experience. This is where BrisTechTonic comes in.

I understand the challenge that comes with on and off-page SEO. Google’s constant quest for improved user experience has made for continued algorithm changes and stricter rules.


As a result, on-page optimisation has become especially daunting. You may be tempted to overlook it, but failing to prioritize on-page optimization may cost you web traffic.

Rather than miss out on the valuable opportunities that come with on-page optimisation, let me help you out. I've got affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses.

Site Review

To achieve optimum SEO targets on your website, we conduct an audit to know firsthand if your website complies with Google-friendly SEO techniques

On-Page SEO

Following an audit on your website, I'll work through your site to improve your rankings on search engine result pages

Off-Page SEO

I'll set about creating plenty of links back to your website from trusted quality locations, your own site Domain Authority (DA) increases, making your site more visible in Search Results. The more backlinks that appear on websites with a High DA, the more your DA will increase meaning you'll shoot to up Google Search Rankings

Non-Technical jargon

Everything is explained in simple language to remove the confused emoji from your thoughts


At the end of the optimisation, you’ll get access to a report that’ll support you in keeping up the good work when we part ways


When they say three is a magic number, they weren’t joking! We’ll set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business to ensure your site is indexed correctly and showcased

"I'll go through everything listed above and more"

 - Chris, who does the things

Wondering what benefits doing all this will bring?

Business Profile

Ensuring your online profile shows up professionally in Google

Google Services

Google can thoroughly scan your site and sitemap


Getting your images to load lightning quick

Local SEO

Put finding local customers and clients on autopilot


Re-purpose old content for extra oomph

Search Results

Start moving up the search rankings with a bish, bash, bosh


Establish a rock-solid brand with good SEO 

The Future

Guiding your strategy for long term confidence

Still on the fence? Here's some feedback...

seo workshops

Briony Kingston

Clifton Sky Yoga

 Chris is great. He is really patient and helpful with web design. He explains SEO clearly and he obviously knows what he is talking about. I would not hesitate to recommend him. 

local seo

Andy Conmee

Chris is an absolute legend. Nothing is too much trouble and the website he designed for me is superb. Quick. Efficient and explains ‘tech’ stuff amazingly. He’s the go to guy for anything web related !

seo bristol

Holly Wicks

Chris at BrisTechTonic has an impressively streamlined teaching approach. I felt supported and reassured as we tackled a matrix of Google tools and applied crafty SEO tricks to my website content.


Fran Baxter-Hunter


I have already started to notice the difference and now need to continue working behind the scenes with my website using the really helpful resources and templates Chris has provided!


Kate Flynn

Chris was invaluable in making my website work and be seen properly across Google! He is also just a lovely guy who wasn’t at all fazed by a complete technophobe like myself!!

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