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Hey Small Business, looking for SEO support? Yeah, you're not alone. It's really daunting to know where to start. Do you find that you're just not appearing in search results?

Sadly, it's the case for most small businesses and freelancers who launch their own website. A lot of sites aren't built optimised for SEO and as soon as you start researching how to do it, more often than not, white noise occurs.

This is one of the main reasons I started BrisTechTonic. SEO Workshops designed to optimise your site for Search Engines and start getting you up the rankings. 4 hours of dedicated time, we work through your site and fully optimise it to get found in Google!

BrisTechTonic offer affordable SEO for Small Business


What happens?

Site Review

Review of every page


Ensure your content is optimised for search


Ensure all Google Tools are properly configured

SEO Techniques

Learn how to maintain all the good work we've completed 

Technical SEO

Ensure your site is formatted correctly

How Long?

2 x 2 hour sessions in person or over video chat

All this for £230

On-page SEO is a practice that represents the perfecting of individual web pages, meta data information, website code, and content to earn relevant web traffic. It is one of the most important SEO best practices as it helps search engines understand web content and rewards websites with better rankings.

We'll go through everything listed below, and more, and talk about random things. But most importantly? There will be no tech talk. I promise you'll walk away understanding what and why we're doing work on your website.

We offer local SEO services and access to SEO Tools to help your Small Business Search Engine Appearance.

Being Bristol based, we'll even buy a coffee for when we discuss your Bristol based SEO services.

On-page website auditing

BrisTechTonic understands how the SEO process works for every business type. To achieve optimum SEO targets on your website, we conduct an audit to know firsthand if your website complies with Google-friendly SEO techniques. This audit is very important because a website that has errors that are hard to detect will remain nowhere on the search engine pages.

SEO Consultancy

Following an audit on your website, we tell you what strategies improve your rankings on search engine result pages. You will learn how the search engines work, and how this knowledge can help you grow your business.

Meta Title and Description

Done right, meta data sends a clear description of your site to the searcher, highlighting how the user can benefit from clicking through. Applying the best length and layout practices, BrisTechTonic will write relevant meta titles and descriptions for your web pages.

Creation of Robot TXT and XML Sitemap

To ensure access to, and accurate indexing of, deep web pages, BrisTechTonic will help you create your XML sitemap and Robots TXT file.


Implementation of Schema SEO

Page-specific schema markup will be manually placed to boost your chance of getting increased search engine result rankings. For instance, our strategy is finetuned in such a way that your web content shows rich snippets and displays stars on organic results.

Hey Small Business, looking for SEO support? Yeah, you're not alone. It's really daunting to know where to start. Do you find that you're just not appearing in search res...
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