SEO Strategy / Kahuna Onboarding

Looking for the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to getting found in Google? This is the package for you. I've bombarded you with things to think about whilst reading my site about SEO and now your brain is probably like a squirrel when it see's a bag of peanuts. WHERE TO START?!


There's so much SEO advice out there and it's sometimes difficult to know what it all means and what it can all do. With this SEO Strategy (or onboarding if you're signing up to our Kahuna Package Managed Plan)


  • SWOT analysis
  • Full technical audit of the site
  • Keyword analysis (up to 10 words) 
  • Audience opportunities
  • Practical advice for SEO layout of the site 
  • "What happens if" with our recommendations (apply the advice + managed SEO package = huge growth!) 
  • Details of managed packages, backlink campaigns, and digital marketing opportunities 
  • SEO content recommendations 


A full report will be delivered upon completion.


Note: This package is for 1 Website and 10 Key Words

Note: There is a 14 day turn around for this purchase

SEO Strategy / Kahuna Onboarding

  • Please fill in the website that you'd like the SEO Work completed on during the checkout phase.

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