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SEO Backlinks

Why are SEO Backlinks important for your business's success?

SEO backlinks with you in mind

Find out how the right SEO backlinks can boost your small business’s online presence or buy SEO backlinks today.

What are SEO Backlinks?

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When you choose this backlink service, you are getting only the highest quality backlinks. My SEO backlink building strategy includes:

  • Non-competitive backlinks from reputable websites
  • Various rating options
  • Content available if requested
  • Great rates

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

When another website links a page on your site to theirs, that is called a backlink. These backlinks are essential to your business's online visibility because they boost your credibility or your domain authority in Google and other search engines.

When you have higher domain authority, you’ll rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it easier for your business to get found online. This allows you to generate more organic traffic to your websites and more leads to your business effortlessly. 

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How to get SEO Backlinks

How To Get Backlinks?

At BrisTechTonic, we make it easy to get the quality, non-competitive SEO backlinks you need to take your business to the next level.

We’ll help identify the right websites to backlink to your website and help you build a strategy that accelerates your growth while offering an exceptional return on your investment. 

How Does It Work?

The process for getting backlinks through our service is quite simple. We just need the URL to the content you’d like to purchase backlinks for and the long-tail keyword you would like to use.

If you don’t have content yet, that’s not a problem. We can help you create quality content that performs well in search engines, further enhancing your SEO. 

How do SEO Backlinks work?

What are High Powered Backlinks?

When an authoritative site links to you from the homepage, it produces a strong ranking signal.

Many times these types of links are difficult to get, however with our service you can take advantage of our relationships with a network of webmasters and publishers! This means real people, and real links.

High Authority, Niche Websites

Authority is a measure of a sites power online and is shown in a sites ranking on search engines.

The sites that we partner with for our High Powered Backlink product have a domain authority of at least 15+

How it works


Just give us keywords, URLs, niche and we'll take it from there!

Content Creation

SEO Copywriters get to work & create the best content for your goals.

Link Placement

We contact publishers and place your links on their sites.

Frequently asked questions

Many times link building campaigns are creating brand new sites or new articles. Unlike those types of link building, these sites are already established and your links are going on the homepage - the page with the most power. This means faster rankings!

Most likely yes, we have nearly every niche under the sun.

What anchor text should I use?

We suggest using a mix of anchors and be careful to not over-optimise. We can help pick these.

How do you get backlinks?

This answer varies depending on what's needed for your website. Typically I work with my UK Based SEO Copywriters to create meaningful content to help your site. I then work with my network of trusted contacts to see who is taking on new blogs and when. A lot of my work is scheduling content and getting it posted for maximum benefit!

Do you handle business listings?

Absolutely I do! If you're a local business I can create business listings in the most effective way for your website.

How long til I see results?

This depends. If you've got a brand spanking new website - a little longer than someone who's been around for a while. Search Engines often place more trust in sites that've been around for longer. If you've got a brand new website we build trust and authority before trying to build traffic; resulting in more traffic in the long term. Typically we start to see results in the first 3 months, this gives us data to work out what to do long term!

Do I have to do anything?

You can do as much or as little as you like with my SEO Packages. I'm here every step of the way and handle the technical and off-site side of things. I find that clients who put their own effort in (such as blogs etc) often see the best results.

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