SEO services for small business

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 Professional SEO Service for Small Business

SEO Services for Small Business

How would your business change if you had double the potential customers?

Fed up of competitors appearing in search results?

SEO services for small business

SEO Services for everyone

Hi, I'm Chris and I offer Big Brand Professional SEO Agency services at a fraction of the cost. Bristol SEO companies are a dime a dozen, here's why I'm different.

Imagine you had a shop and one day you had twice as many people walking by - you've suddenly doubled your chances of making a sale. That's what SEO does for your website.

How do I know? Well, I sell my SEO services to businesses of all sizes, including agencies who re-sell my services to big brands that pay top dollar and get these very results!

SEO services for small business

SEO for your Business

You know your business is world-class. 


You’ve spent years expanding your skills, building up your clientele, and creating your brand.


Yet there is something missing. You’re struggling to be found on Google. 


Without ranking on Google, do you know how much revenue your business is losing to competitors?


Google, whether organic ranking or paid adverts, works as an additional salesperson for your salon.


When someone is searching for nail salons with SNS in Newcastle, hairdressers that offer balayage in Bristol, or a wedding photographer in Manchester, your website can land directly in front of them. 


Ranking higher on Google can result in far more traffic which turns into leads that turn into new bookings.


What does a full diary of clients mean for your business? - More sales, new staff, a bigger building, or a second location? 

Tailored SEO Services

seo for small business

SEO without the headache

I wanted to leave you with this little case study of how applying the techniques, paired with the right strategy can really help...

Meet Anna from Goodness Me Nutrition

This is Anna's SEO performance (the times her website has been found in Google) since we started working together in January. My SEO Service gets you from where you are now, to where you want to be...

seo services small business case study

Anna offers all kinds of nutritional assistance and is a whizz at it. Her clients see great results.

In January 2021 Anna approached me to take part in an SEO Workshop - but of course, I said!

We started working through her website - making sure it was technically optimised, Heading Tags, Images properly sized and named... there's a long list and Google has nearly 200 things it checks.

The second part was to understand what Anna wanted to be found for. What keywords?

Well, this is where the Pillar and cluster method comes in.

We had certain pages we wanted to ultimately get people clicking on and buying from. The Service (Pillar) Page.

To do that, these pages had to be optimised technically but also with the right keywords.

We then looked at the Blogs (Cluster) Pages and how they should be optimised for layout, style and content to support the Service (Pillar) Page.

Then, we started a Managed SEO service plan - this is where content marketing and off-page (Backlinks) come in. It's nothing something that's at the forefront of everyone's mind, but, it does matter!

What has this resulted in?

seo services small business case study
seo services small business

What does all this mean?

seo services small business

Total Clicks

The amount of times the website was clicked from a search result

seo services small business

Total Impressions

The total amount of times the website appeared in search results

seo services small business

Average CTR

The number of times people clicked the website compared with the amount of time it appeared in search results. The average for a website is 0.46%

seo services small business

Average Position

The position of the website in Google for ALL keywords. Dedicated (service / pillar pages) rank higher for specific keywords.


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