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Law Firm SEO: From 500 to 7,000 Monthly Visitors

In this case study, you’ll learn how in only six months we increased traffic to a law firm’s website by 800% and how their traffic is now valued at £11,714 per month.

Law firms depend on web traffic for leads but the number of active lawyers has increased 15% over the last decade. These days, to rank on Google and have a law firm’s website stand out from the crowd, the SEO needs to be on point.

It didn’t require a huge investment and it wasn’t as hard as you might think.

Ready to learn how we did it? Let’s get into it!



This Texas law firm reached out to us at the end of 2019 to help optimise its website. The site first launched in June 2015 and hadn’t seen much traffic growth in four years.

When they officially started using our managed SEO service in October 2019, the firm’s organic traffic was just over 500 visitors a month.

They wanted to increase their online rankings to drive more qualified traffic to their website, ultimately getting them more leads and clients.


The SEO Audit

Our first step with any client is to complete a full SEO audit of their website. We need to know what we’re working with before strategising and planning any campaigns.

Right away we knew that the legal industry was a very competitive space. Through our audit we found out that to rank locally in their city for the phrase “law firm,” it was going to take an estimated 310 backlinks to get inside the top 10 spots.

The firm had some luck with landing backlinks on their own but it was clear there was a lot more work to be done. And luckily, link building is our specialty.


“Easy Wins” Keyword Research

We work smarter for our clients by identifying “easy wins” keywords.

These are keywords the website is already ranking for in positions 4-30. Since these keywords are already ranking near the top, we can focus on them for some quick traffic jumps!

Once we identify these keywords we can use them strategically to improve a client’s overall ranking.

We found a total of 667 “easy win” keywords. Some of them had incredibly high search volumes and wouldn’t take much to rank in the Top 10.

Our client wasn’t buying ads for this campaign but we identified some valuable keywords during our research. The keyword “domestic violence charge in Texas” had a cost-per-click or CPC of $90, telling us that if we could rank for the term, it would be very valuable.

While that dollar amount might sound astronomical, you have to remember that the legal industry is a highly competitive space. When law firms are making thousands of dollars from clients, £90 (and sometimes much higher) is an investment they can easily make a return on.


Competitive Gap Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing provides valuable insights. A competitive gap analysis will help show you areas that your competitors are doing better than you in.

We found there were 2,852 unique keywords not being used by our client. Most of these were keywords having to do with marijuana laws, which was one of their legal specialties. We built content on their website based on the keywords we found to start driving targeted traffic.

What excited us even more about discovering these keywords was how they could help us generate ideas for blog posts for the client’s website.


The SEO Strategy

The law firm took advantage of our link-building program where they would receive contextual links from authority sites. 

We paired that with other high-level links from our guest post product. High-quality guest posts are one of the most effective ways to boost your site up the SERPs.

Our guest posting product fits their campaign so well because it’s fully customisable. Clients can choose the blog length (500-2,000 words) and whether they want to focus on getting published based on domain authority or the publisher’s website traffic.

We assured them results won’t happen overnight, explaining that SEO results often take weeks or months to take effect. But once they did, they were blown away.


Our Results

What we observed in this case study was textbook SEO.

The client’s organic traffic was in the 500s when we kicked off their campaign in October 2019. Now (in May 2020) it’s over 7,700 visitors per month and continues trending upwards.


Law Firm SEO: From 500 to 7,000 Monthly Visitors


That’s an organic traffic increase of over 800%!

By using a combination of our foundational link building and guest posts, we were able to push extremely valuable keywords into the top 10. We got some of their marijuana and domestic abuse keywords onto page 1 of Google, contributing to the massive traffic spike.

The client’s referring domains increased by more than 1,000%!

Law Firm SEO: From 500 to 7,000 Monthly Visitors


This campaign was solely for organic traffic (no paid advertising). But it’s worth noting that the client’s traffic value jumped from approximately $550 when we started working together to $11,714 per month.


That means it would cost them almost $12K in paid advertising a month to get the same amount of traffic they are getting now with the organic search! Take a look at the value growth below.



This law firm came to us for help with boosting their rankings and traffic. We knew they’d be a great fit for our managed SEO program. 

Rather than purchasing our other products one-by-one, they were able to take advantage of an autopilot SEO campaign, crafted and managed by one of our SEO experts.

Link building is the key to search rankings and we also knew that powerful guest posts would help move the needle. In the end, we boosted their organic traffic by over 800% and put them at the top of the SERPs to help them get more leads and clients.

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