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Online SEO Training: Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Online SEO training is a marketing area most businesses and organizations need. That's especially true when you consider that around one in three has no search engine strategies at all. 

There are practical reasons to start your online SEO training now rather than later. In this article, we share the four ways that it's most likely to help.

Let's begin!

Keywords Are How Audiences Find You

Keywords are how people find you online. But they're not looking for you, specifically. They're looking for solutions to their problems.

Doing adequate keyword research is important because it allows you to see what kinds of problems your potential customers are trying to solve, and how likely they are to use your product or service to do it.

This is important for two reasons. First, you want to ensure you're actually solving a problem that people care about. Second, you want to make sure people can find you when they start searching.

Identify Your Competitors 

It's also important to train SEO principles in your marketing game so you can learn more about your competition. If you're a local business, you'll want to know how well your website ranks for relevant keywords compared to other businesses in your area. 

Remember, though, that the best way to beat your competition isn't to copy what they're doing. It's to figure out how to do what they do better (or see better solutions they're not offering at all). Keyword research makes this possible.

Reveal Opportunities

Online SEO training can also turn you on to opportunities that you weren't aware existed in your niche. You might find a high-traffic keyword that you're not currently ranking for, but could be with a little bit of effort.

Or, you might find a low-competition keyword that you could dominate with the right content. There are all sorts of possibilities when you do keyword research.

Highlight Marketing Weakspots

The best SEO or keyword research does everything we've just mentioned, plus acts as a diagnostic for your current activities. It will help you identify areas where your marketing could use some improvement. 

If you're not getting much traffic from a certain keyword, it might be because your website isn't optimized for it. If you are getting traffic but not converting, there might be a problem with your website's design or copy. Use keyword research to evaluate your marketing efforts and better channelyour dollars.

Lock Down Your Geography 

Keyword research helps you compete on a global scale. However, you might be in a market where the only real competition you have is geographically-based. For example, if you're a plumber in Omaha, you're only competing against other plumbers in Omaha (or maybe the surrounding areas).

In this case, you'll want to focus your keyword research on local keywords. These are the keywords that people in your area are searching for when they need your services. By doing local keyword research, you can ensure that you're ranking for the right keywords and appearing in front of the appropriate geographical target.

Online SEO Training Helps You Reach Full Keyword Potential

Online SEO training should play a role in everyone's marketing game. That's true whether you're doing everything in-house or hiring an agency to handle it.

But what really helps is knowing where your SEO stands. That's where BrisTechTonic can help. Contact us today to start smashing your marketing game with our SEO training course.



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