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Have you got an Internal Linking Strategy?

Have you got an Internal Linking Strategy_

Linking creates a strong chain

Have you got a linking plan?

Well, I've discussed backlinks recently (which are the off page links to your site from other peoples websites)

But, is your internal linking strategy up to scratch?

Internal linking means you have Anchor Text in place that links to another page of your site. If you do this enough, every page should link to every other by a chain!

Internal Linking creates a spider's web of SEO that Google scans and indexes really easily, it means that when every page is linked, Google can follow a chain of relevant information, and so can your readers!


Ready to Build Your SEO Backlink Strategy?

Your SEO backlink strategy should serve as a key part of your marketing plans. Without a great backlink strategy, you won't grow your web traffic, reducing your ability to convert people into customers.

If you want to start building backlinking strategies, let us help. We provide high-quality backlink-building services that help you get to the top of search engine results.


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