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How fast is your website?

How fast is your website

Page load speed and SEO

So many things help increase your Organic SEO growth. From Technical SEO, Backlinks, Off Page, Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, E-Mail Campaigns...

...and I reckon you probably post a link to your latest blog post, don't you?

Well... great! and you should. However, does your website load quickly? Because if it doesn't load within a second, people are already bored and won't want to stick around.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insight Tool to measure the performance, and it'll give you some ideas on how to help improve it!

Whether it's optimising your images, fixing some bugs in the website code... or whatever else it may throw at you! Just keep in mind, you may want to talk to your web designer about this; and note; Google marks your website against the absolute Gold Star standard for load time - and in reality, a lot of us can't afford the kind of cash it takes to build a website that is perfect!


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