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Website Layout for SEO


Best Layout for SEO 

There are so many things that you can do to your website that can help with your SEO. 

Did you know that layout is actually a super important factor in Search Engines rankings?

If your site layout is neat, is easy to use, easy to navigate with working links and is easy to see how to contact you - you're on to a winner.

Basically, this means users are more likely to interact with your site, reducing the amount of bounces you get. Google sees this as a good thing, because it shows people are engaged.

If your site is technically optimised, as well as sing other good SEO practices AND keeps people engaged, Google puts a big green tick in the helpful column for your website.

Have you ever used Wix to build your site? It's great, they have loads of already optimised templates that you can customise, they have really easy to use, yet powerful SEO tools to help you get found online too!



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