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What Are the Best On-Page SEO Tools?

Over the past decade, the number of businesses in the UK has increased by 1.1 million, a jump of 24%. This surge in competition can make things tougher for small businesses trying to stand out. New businesses might be vying for the same customers you are.

That's where having a strong online presence for your business comes in. By mastering on-page SEO, you can optimise your website to rank higher in search results. On-page SEO tools can help you with this by making it easier to target relevant keywords, write compelling content, and improve your website's overall structure.

A website optimised for search engines can attract new customers searching for your products or services. But what are the best on-page SEO tools? Read on to find out.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a user-friendly plugin specifically designed for WordPress

websites. It's a fantastic starting point for beginners who want to learn the ropes of on-page SEO. Yoast offers clear guidance on keyword targeting, content creation, and building a strong site.

Thanks to Yoast, you can identify relevant search terms that potential customers might use. The tool also gives tips on optimising your website content for those keywords. This way, it ensures the content is informative and engaging for visitors.

Yoast also provides suggestions on structuring your website for optimal search engine performance. Think of it as an SEO training program that guides you step-by-step. A free version with basic features, perfect for beginners, is available.

However, there's also a paid version with more advanced functionalities, like content optimisation checks for readability and mobile-friendliness. You'll need expert help to implement these advanced features. So, consider consulting with an SEO company Bristol for personalised support.


SEMrush is a powerful tool that goes beyond just on-page SEO. It's ideal for small businesses that want to be more proactive in SEO and gain an edge. SEMrush helps you find high-volume, low-competition keywords for targeted traffic to your website.

Learn your competitors' SEO strategies and see what keywords they're ranking for. The tool can also analyse your competitors' links from other websites that boost SEO authority.

It helps you learn from their successes or failures. SEMrush also offers tools to track your website's SEO performance over time. They show how your SEO efforts are paying off and let you make changes as needed.

SEMrush offers many features at a subscription fee. It's a good investment to dive deeper into SEO and compete with established businesses. Consider reaching out to a Bristol SEO agency for help setting up and utilising SEMrush effectively.


Ahrefs is an industry leader known for its extensive features and powerful capabilities. It's the ultimate SEO toolbox for businesses with complex needs. Ahrefs offers competitor analysis, backlink research, and broken link detection and repair.

Its competitor analysis lets you uncover the most obscure SEO tactics your competitors use. Backlink research is a crucial aspect of SEO. A backlink is a link from other websites that point to yours, and search engines see them as a sign of trustworthiness and authority.

Ahrefs helps you understand your backlink profile and identify opportunities to build high-quality backlinks. You can also scan your website for broken links, which can negatively impact your SEO. You maintain a healthy website structure and improve your search engine ranking by fixing broken links.

While there's a free trial, the full range of features comes at a premium cost. For small businesses just starting out, consulting with an SEO freelancer Bristol who might utilise Ahrefs on your behalf, could be a better option. The tool lets you compete with industry giants in a complex SEO landscape.

Moz Pro

Think of Moz Pro as your one-stop shop for everything on-page SEO. This tool can identify the keywords your target audience uses to search online. As such, your SEO company can tailor your website content to help you attract the right customers.

Moz Pro also analyses your website and suggests specific improvements for each page. These improvements revolve around optimising titles, meta descriptions, and content for relevant keywords. Moz Pro provides tools to help you identify link-building opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

Improving your website's search engine ranking takes consistent effort over time, not a quick burst of work. Moz Pro allows you to track your website's SEO performance over time so you can see the impact of your efforts and make adjustments as needed. This ongoing monitoring helps you stay ahead of the curve and maintain a strong online presence.


Looking for a user-friendly tool to streamline your on-page SEO efforts? SEOptimer might be the perfect fit. It provides a real-time SEO score for your website and offers actionable recommendations to improve your ranking.

SEOptimer analyses your website content, title tags, meta descriptions, and more. As it does this, it identifies areas for improvement based on best practices. The tool helps you optimise your content for specific keywords to be more visible online.

With the rise of mobile browsing, your business website should be mobile-friendly. SEOptimer ensures your website is optimised for all devices. It also presents all its findings in a clear and concise way, making it easy to understand and implement recommended changes.


If you're stuck for content ideas, AnswerThePublic, a creative tool, can be a game-changer. It helps you discover the long-tail keywords and questions people search for online. The tool uses search engine suggestions to reveal the questions and keywords your audience is using.

Use it to generate content ideas based on real user queries. This way, your content will directly address your audience's needs and interests. Focus on the "who," "what," "when," "where," and "why" questions people ask.

These elements will let you create informative content. They will also position you as an expert and attract potential customers. While AnswerThePublic is a valuable asset for any small business owner, if you want more guidance, consider SEO training Bristol or collaborate with a skilled SEO freelancer UK.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO takes the guesswork out of on-page optimisation. It is an AI-powered tool that analyses your content and competitor websites. Surfer SEO also gives specific suggestions for improvement.

Use this tool with the help of a Bristol SEO company to identify relevant keywords your target audience is searching for. Then incorporate the keywords into your content. You can increase your website's search engine rankings for those terms.

Surfer SEO also analyses your content structure, readability, and quality. It's a machine learning-powered platform that does all of this work in the background. The platform suggests improvements like adding headings and optimising content length.

You can use these improvements in your target keywords, and incorporate internal links. They ensure your content is informative and optimised for search engines. What if you're curious about what your competitors are doing?

Surfer SEO lets you analyse competitor content for the keywords you're targeting. It gives valuable insights into their content strategy. Your content will stand out and attract potential customers.


Clearscope analyses your content and assigns it an optimisation score. The score helps you understand if your content is optimised for your target keywords. It also provides a clear roadmap for improvement.

You can count on this tool to analyse your content's readability and engagement level. This way, your website content will be informative and easy to read and understand for your target audience. The content will keep them engaged and coming back to your website for more.

Like Surfer SEO, Clearscope allows you to compare your content with competitors targeting the same keywords. It reveals valuable insights into their content structure, tone, and overall approach. You can create even better, authoritative content by learning from your competitors.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a must-have for any small business owner looking to improve their website's SEO. It offers several features that small businesses can find helpful. These features focus on website performance insights, technical SEO issues, and keyword research.

Forget pricey Bristol SEO companies. Google Search Console shows your website's performance in search results for free. Your website's performance metrics may include clicks, impressions, and average ranking.

You can use this data to see which pages perform well. The data also shows the pages that need optimisation. Either way, the Search Console scans your web pages periodically as a diagnostic measure.

It finds any technical SEO issues that could be hurting its ranking. These issues might include broken links, mobile-friendliness problems, or slow loading times. When you address them, you ensure a smooth user experience and send positive signals to search engines.

Google Search Console shows the keywords that users use to find your website. These insights can help your SEO Bristol company refine your content strategy. You can even use them to target keywords relevant to your audience and drive organic traffic.

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