Payment Solutions

Accept Payments On The Go

It took the world more than 9,000 years to start using paper money, but in less than 60 years, we have experienced unprecedented leaps and bounds in the payment solutions industry. As payment solutions continue to evolve, it only makes sense that you tap into a leading and reliable payment system to fuel your growth and ensure convenience for your teeming customers.

Every day, BrisTechTonic helps small business owners move money by simplifying their online payment processes in order to lower costs and maximize revenue. We've partnerest with Square to offer a simple payment solution that is fine-tuned in such a way that you can stay in control of your business expenses.


The service cuts across all sectors to provide tailored solutions to our customers’ businesses. Helping you accept payments through different processes such as in-app, face to face and over the phone and through your website, making for a seamless experience as your customers can pay whichever way they want.

Ready to get started? Here are some of the payment types we can help you with

Online Solutions

BrisTechTonic delivers a simplified, secure and transparent way for customers to make card payments. When customer card details are linked to your payment page, you can rest assured they are protected in our secure environment. So, even if your customers decide to unlink their card at any time, they still retain control over their personal information. The card linking process is also really simple and fast, allowing you to offer automated billing/subscription payments.

Card Solutions

Are you a small business that trades in person? By offering the ability to take card payments on the go, you're really opening up to the world of mobile payments and the quick and easy way of purchasing things that customers expect these days.

By using mobile card readers and contactless terminals, you're able to take payments in your shop, at your stall, at a market, over the phone and on the go. So long as you have a mobile signal or internet connection, you're all set to go.

Transparent Transaction Reporting

Armed with your customers’ payment data, the Square platform provides insights that help you adapt to their needs and behavior. This ensures you can easily pinpoint and address specific issues relating to cards, banks, or transactions.

Strong Customer Authentication

Security is paramount when it comes to online payment systems. BrisTechTonic ensures a strong customer authentication is method is adopted, designed to check fraud, reduce the ability of merchants to initiate chargebacks, and improve customer security.

At BrisTechTonic, we make it easy for you to choose the best payment solution for your business and its teeming customers. Based in Bristol, we focus on delivering innovative, cutting-edge solutions that exceed the expectations of your customers.