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Why Local Matters

Local Search

Bonus Tip: Geotag images and include the name of the city in the image filename

Why Local Matters

Local search is really important, especially if you’re a business with a physical location.

Let’s use the example of a Coffee shop. Have you ever opened your phone and searched “Coffee shop near me”? It’s a really simple and overlooked search term but have you ever wondered how to best optimise your site to get found in these search terms?

It’s pretty easy, actually. Make sure your images are Geo Located, this means that they have GPS co-ordinates (it’s as easy as taking a photo on your phone that has geo co-ordinates enabled; like when you open your photos app and see photos taken in a certain location!).

By including words such as “Coffee shop in Bristol” (as an example) and having your Google My Business set to your business address; it means when people search “near me” - search engines use the location of the person doing the search and match it to local information found on the internet, and hey presto, your site will likely appear if you match the search criteria (and your site and online presence are optimised for local). Don’t forget all the other important aspects of SEO found throughout our site that you can apply to perform even better in search results.